Situated at the most beautiful sea shore of Kuşadası, Le Bleu Hotel & Resort literally offers a beach experience. You can sunbathe on the gazebos upon the pier at Le Bleu Beach during the whole day. You can enjoy your time at Le Bleu Beach for a pleasant holiday in cool waters of the Aegean Sea.


Relax Pool

Relax Pool, which is highly preferred for getting rid of daily stress and relaxing and calming down at the pool, is available on 08:00 am- 20:00 pm at Le Bleu Hotel & Resort.

Activity Pool

Activity Pool organises events and activities that will ultimately add dynamism and vitality to your holiday. This is an ideal option for fresh-up on the one hand and sharing unforgettable moments with your beloved ones on the other hand.

Kids Pool

Kids’ Pool at Le Bleu Hotel & Resort offers an ideal environment for your children to have fun at the pool and spend time with their peers.